The Black Queer Adventures is a new zine that will share stories, artwork, interviews, essays, poetry from Black Queer/Trans* people about their experiences related to Blackness, Gender and Sexuality, and other intersectionalities. With themes related to sex,relationships, family and community and the diaspora. Identity Politics, passing and performing, to creating art music and soul enriching activism.Strategies for selfcare and building communities to health tips and recipes.

All contributers that make it in the zine will get a copy of the zine and be accredited in the zine. Contributors should submit work with the name they would like to appear in the zine (which can also be a pseudonym) as well as city/country and any other details they would like to include.
It’s a full colour zine in A5 (half size) format.
Texts should be no more than 4 pages and artwork should also be suitable for black and white printing.
Text can be submitted in any language and where possible may be translated into english.

submissions until 31.January 2014
send submissions to blackqueeradventures(at)gmail.com

thanks xx

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